The Drum’s 2020 Predictions breakfast

Today, the Propeller Group and Upfront team were over at the famous Sea Containers building for The Drum’s 2020 Predictions breakfast event hosted by Ogilvy.

We saw panels, interviews and even a chat inspired by Blind Date! We learned a lot about what chiefs of both brands and agencies are considering as we enter a new decade.

A few bitesize nuggets that stood out:

  • Agencies need to work closely with brands to make sure brand promise evolves and endures amidst the changing world
  • Ebb and flow doesn’t have to be slow; it can be quick if you’re agile
  • Agency versus in-house isn’t a binary choice, it’s a scale
  • No singular expertise can solve problems, it’s all about having different points of view
  • Top predictions for 2020? Connectivity and better relationships

The event was kick-started by a fireside chat with CEO of Ogilvy, Michael Frolich and Brand & Marketing Director at Vodafone, Maria Koutsoudakis.

This discussion explored how agencies work with brands and how this will evolve in 2020. With some valuable insight into the world of telecoms giant Vodafone, Maria said, “We’ve really lent into the WPP family,” and touched on the importance of having the right agency structures in place. Michael added, “Agency versus in house isn’t a binary choice. Agencies lean in; we’ve always had things like secondment. It wasn’t called in housing then, it was just what we did.”

Following this conversation, The Drum introduced Hero Brown, founder of Muddy Stilettos, Misha Sokolov, co-founder at MNFST, Stephanie Genin, global VP enterprise marketing at Hootsuite, Ed Preedy, chief revenue officer, Cavai, all discussing how commerce is evolving.

Hero spoke about how, as a brand that talks to people outside of London, community is important to Muddy Stilettos. She cited Sweaty Betty as being good at this: “They do local classes and have nutritional advice on their website. They’re not only thinking about e-commerce but being authentic with their customers. As for the next 12 months, media publishers as active partners will be key.” Misha at MNFST predicted that “Micro influencers will be key for the next 12 months”, while Stephanie cited employee advocacy.

All in all a great morning of predictions and conversation; only time will tell which predictions prove correct…

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