Why Business Development is Like a Gym Membership

An agency founder recently explained that Business Development is a lot like a gym membership. We all know that committing to it will deliver the results we want; whether that’s getting stronger or losing a few pounds.

There are a few problems though. Some of us despise every torturous second at the gym, so we’ll put it off until we stand sobbing in front of the bathroom mirror. Some of us are spinning so many plates (e.g. staff, meetings, clients…kids!) that we don’t get time. Others are too easily tempted by the glimmering beer taps shining like rainbows through the pub doors on the commute home…you know who you are!

So, by bedtime, there’s that niggling pang of guilt that we didn’t allocate that one hour of 24 to the gym that day, which would have been a few more steps towards our goal.

I love this analogy because it perfectly describes what it takes to do Business Development correctly while at the same time highlighting the challenges when agencies try and do this in house.

I guess you could describe allocating a Business Development role or agency as personal training, body cleansing and therapy all rolled in one. The health benefits include:

ZEN – you know there’s someone focussed and dedicated to finding new opportunities while you can focus on running and developing the agency.

A HEALTHY BODY – sometimes, clients will leave, for whatever reason. But with a consistent flow of opportunity with the right prospective clients, you will avoid the risk of having detrimental dips if they do go. If they don’t go, you should experience consistent growth.

A HAPPY MIND – the best thing about new business is you can go after the right types of opportunities for you. The ones everyone will get excited about working on and the ones who will be long terms clients.

CONFIDENCE – You know that feeling when you step on the scales and like what you see, you’re energised, motivated and more successful. Winning new clients and reaching your goals is one of the best and most satisfying feelings in an agency.

At Upfront, we’re all about establishing goals and winning business so it’s the first thing we ask agencies when they come to us for Business Development. What do you want to achieve? We then develop a plan of action to reach those goals and work with you to stick to it.

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