Figaro Digital Marketing Conference 2017

Upfront is delighted to announce that it is an official partner of Figaro Digital’s Flagship Summer conference following our previous success as partners during last year’s conference. Taking place on the 20th July 2017 at The Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, this is an event not to be missed!

The event sees 500 senior-level marketers coming together to explore, discuss and debate the sharpest insights shared from brands and agencies who are shaping the future of digital marketing. The impressive speaker line up includes more than 20 in-depth keynote presentations from brands, agencies and technology providers, such as Head of Global Digital Communications at GSK, Head of Digital and Partnership Innovation at Channel 4, Marketing Director of The Telegraph Group, Digital COO & Head of Experience from Lloyd’s Bank and many more!

The focus of the day will be innovation. Brands are committing more time, dedication and budget than ever before to innovation. This is due to the increasing customer expectations and the drive to adapt to a changing landscape. Digital innovation is at the forefront of most businesses strategies, and agencies will need to cut through the noise in order to connect with these brands.

We have keynote speaker slots available as well as the opportunity to share some fast learning with Figaro Digital 21s, where you will be speaking alongside the likes of BT, Pret and Mondelez on topics ranging from how to go about creating an internal agency culture to the importance of listening to your customers through social media and utilising feedback to create brand purpose.

As an Upfront partner you will:

  • Raise the profile of your agency alongside the Upfront team
  • Capitalise on new business opportunities through Upfront’s joined up approach
  • Receive dedicated post-event comms aimed at maixmising engagement and opportunities with potential leads
  • Speak alongside high-profile brands such as BT, Pret Mondelez and more!
  • Join us for a complimentary lunch and evening bar for networking opportunities

If you are interested and would like to find out more about the speaking packages available, please do get in touch.

We would love to welcome you on board, but spaces are filling up quickly, so don’t miss out!

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Straight Talking Takeaways: E3 Top 10 Tips for Successful Biz Dev

In the second instalment of our Straight Talking series, Upfront welcomed an array of representatives from a diverse cross-section of agencies to hear two fantastic speakers discuss the importance of a joined-up approach to business development, marketing and communications.

One of the day’s speakers – Miranda Glover from e3, showed us how the process of selling has changed; presenting some wonderful, working examples of ways agencies can develop a robust business development strategy.

Here are Miranda’s top 10 tips for selling your business through a truly immersive programme of live and digital.

1. Show don’t tell

Sell a story not a process. Ensure your marketing collateral embodies your message. It should be user-centred and focus on impact. Turn your case studies into relevant content marketing collateral that focuses on the solution for the client.

2. Inspire innovation

Credential presentations are so last century! Instead, think to offer potential clients a sample of activity that shows you at work and opens their eyes to new ways of thinking and doing. Consider offering focused sessions on digital trends aligned to core client challenges that show don’t tell.

3. Dare to be different

Be clear about your offer and your differentiation in market but also about where it fits into an organisation, culture or process. Don’t be afraid to be niche and noisy – the lead agency rostra doesn’t always support innovation models and big brands can benefit by using independent thinkers and smaller independent agencies.

4. Contextualise culture

Contextualise your offer within the wider business and economic culture of the moment – at e3, we help clients keep pace with consumers to encourage growth because consumer behaviour is changing faster than business culture, meaning it is very easy for companies to fall behind. Highlight the pain point in their industry and offers definable solutions to help them keep pace.

5. Don’t be afraid to be niche

Listen. Become a trusted advisor. Do your homework. Know your stuff. All of these elements helps to garner trust and prepare you to go to meetings and get straight to a real conversation.

6. Utilise your talent

Look inside at the talents you have within your business and exploit them. It’s good for your business culture, good for your employee satisfaction and extends your reach and opportunity. People work with people, so they want to know the expertise within your team.

7. Find your voice

Tone of voice is often hard to define. What should you tone be? Intelligent yet personable, engaging yet consultative, open yet intriguing? When people read your comms they should know that they come from you.

8. Glean genuine insight

We collaborate with brands directly through our thought leadership programme (e.g. live events and online papers) to capture the latest insights and show our expertise through real time trend analysis and problem solving. Then it’s all about delivering great content, capturing insights, sharing knowledge, and being open and generous to gain trust.

9. Make the right kind of influence with the right partners

e3 works hard to keep the right company – both with regard to our clients, our supplier partners and the influencers from inside and outside of our industry. Playing with the right partners not only amplifies but helps to position your brand – and helps you shape a bigger, bolder, better future for your clients.

10. Fame

Make yourself known. With all of the above elements interplaying, you need to ensure you are reaching your audience. As agencies working on behalf of our clients, we need to understand our audiences and we need to speak their language. Here at e3 we work with a fame agency to help us gain share of voice.

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Straight Talking with Tonic and e3 – Event Takeaways

Yesterday Upfront welcomed a fantastic array of representatives from a diverse cross-section of agencies to hear two fantastic speakers discuss the importance of a joined-up approach to business development, marketing and communications.

In a packed room at The Zetter Townhouse, we were treated to talks from Tonic founder Kerry O’Connor and e3 Business Director Miranda Glover. The day’s presentations were moderated by our very own Guy Edwards, Director of New Business at Upfront.

Kerry’s presentation highlighted the consequences of not aligning an agency’s marketing and new business teams, and spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well! She then gave us insightful tips on the process, talent and resources required to implement a successful new business and marketing strategy.

Miranda followed with a wonderful, working example of how e3 is moving into a new business culture. Taking David Bowie as her inspiration, Miranda delivered a rousing demonstration of how e3 have developed a strategy, much like the one described in Kerry’s previous message.

One thing that really stood out as key, in both presentations, is the need to make new business part of the agency culture and having the right people, in the right roles, to maximise their potential and drive new business:

In Kerry’s words: “your team has to buy into the [new business] process for it to really work. Embed New Business in culture and encourage people to get involved.”

This was echoed in Miranda’s talk, as she encourages agencies to “look at the talents you have within your agency and exploit them! It’s good for your business culture, and good for your employee satisfaction.”

Both presentations were packed full of insight, and we will be posting a full breakdown of the top-tips from both, very soon.

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Straight Talking: The Importance of a Joined-Up Approach to Business Development, Marketing and Communications

All businesses main objectives should be to build their reputation, increase positive awareness and win new work from existing and prospective clients. But too many creative agencies are limiting their growth potential by not aligning sales and marketing activity.

On the 9th March we will be hosting the next event in our exclusive breakfast series Straight Talking, where we’ll look at what it takes to achieve an integrated approach and how this approach can impact agency growth, standout, confidence and morale.

Often operating in silos across internal teams or agency partners, we will be discussing why and how agencies should merge Business Development with their marketing and communications teams in order to grow and operate more effectively and efficiently.

We will be joined by leading agencies Tonic, Digital Radish and e3, who will be providing their insights on how you can use content, marketing and PR to drive business development effectively.

The team at Tonic help creative agencies achieve their business vision by overcoming the common barriers to success across the key areas of Efficiency, Profitability and Growth. They will be discussing how agencies can join up New Business and Marketing through positioning and communications ,and how strong leadership and values embedded into company culture can have a massive impact to your business, supporting their insights with case study evidence.

Digital Radish will take to the stage in order to bring in their strategic, data driven approach to content marketing.  They will illustrate how they use content and thought leadership to drive lead generation and crack new markets, bringing this to life through a showcase of their work with Unity.

e3, is one of the UK’s most awarded independent digital agencies. Founded in 1997, they are renowned for their work for brands including The Royal Navy, National Trust, Arthritis Research UK, BP and Orange. Business Director, Miranda Glover will bring together the morning session to showcase how they have brought Biz Dev, Marketing and Communications together using content marketing, PR and events to win their global client base and maximise their growth potential.

This will truly be an event for all agencies – click here to join us.

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Events To Look Out For In 2017

Getting your business involved in an event, whether that’s attending, speaking or running your own has the potential to generate numerous conversations, opportunities and meetings, which is why you should consider looking at events as a new business tool in your 2017 arsenal.

With that in mind, we’ve put a list together of our top picks of industry leading associations to kick-start your 2017 events calendar:

Figaro Digital

Figaro Digital hosts seminars, conferences and summits dedicated to the latest developments in digital marketing. They publish a magazine packed with interviews and case studies, helping marketers from brands and agencies learn and connect. Regularly hosting SEO, B2B, Content Marketing Seminars to name but a few – these are events not to be missed by any marketer. Their events calendar for 2017 can be found here.


BIMA is The British Interactive Media Association. With offices in England, Scotland, Wales and with their regional representatives spread across the country – BIMA exists to do four key things: Support and promote the British Digital industry, share knowledge and best practice, reward great work and encourage the next generation. If you are involved in digital, then you will definitely find it beneficial being a BIMA member. Their events are an open community of talent with a passion for digital- more information can be found here.

Social Media Week

Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world. Human connectivity is being reimagined and SMW seeks to understand how humanity and technology will come together to change the ways we live, work and create. SMW hosts conferences on six continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. With over 70,000 physical attendees joining every year, 5,000 speakers and more than 1 million people connecting through social and mobile, they believe that SMW is the world’s most important source of information in regards to the future of human connectivity. More information about the London event can be found here.

The Drum 

The Drum is a global media platform and the biggest marketing website in Europe. Their mission is to introduce those with great ideas to those who are seeking them. Their mission is to connect like-minded peers, clients and suppliers, wherever they’re located. The Drum Network are kicking off their first event of 2017 with an interactive afternoon run by Greengrass Consulting. Greengrass will demonstrate how you can effectively assess the health of your current culture by focusing on the elements that have been proven to drive bottom line performance and show the impact of a weak or unhealthy culture on a business, and explain how you can accurately identify areas in your business which could be inhibiting growth and determine what needs addressing. More information about the event can be found here.

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