Entertainment and Gaming increase ad spend

Winmo brand insight shows that online gaming brands like EA have been well poised to adapt their campaigns and have immediately begun dramatic ad spend increases since March 9th to capture additional market share and to drive habitual game / brand loyalty.

We’ve also seen spend increase across a wide range of toy brands as families are stuck at home and need entertainment other than Netflix or Disney+. Lego’s digital media ad spend spike in recent days with 83% direct buy.

Whilst it’s a challenging time for all of us out there, some brands are better placed to make the most of changes to consumer habits, including entertainment, online services and home (and garden) focused products.

It’s important to keep this in mind as brands look to adapt their activity and new business becomes increasingly important for agencies to help navigate the coming months.

Winmo’s sales intelligence platform provides daily insights on brand spending to help inform your approach. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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Data insights bringing a refreshing angle to new business

At the end of 2018, Upfront signed an exclusive UK partnership with Winmo, a data and insight tool used to fuel business development strategies and campaigns.

To continue our efforts in bringing an insight and intelligence led approach to new business, we have also just hired our first ever Data and Insights Analyst.

This is a new and exciting role, developed to provide our clients with a personal and strategic flair to their new business campaigns and will be taken on by Robert Ware.

Rob joins us after two years at Mintel, where he was a Category Leader focusing on Canadian retail markets.

One size doesn’t fit all:

When it comes to analysing data, “there is no set template for how we do it’’. It is a role that spans across the total business development life cycle, working closely alongside both account managers and business developers.

Robs involvements begins with an initial discussion with clients to identify their target companies and stakeholders – what does a prime prospect look like to you and your business objectives?

This is then followed by the creation of a, ‘’custom-ranking’’ system, taking into consideration a range of factors, such as turnover and YoY media spend. 

Whilst the key performance metric will be securing qualified opportunities and meetings for our clients; Rob will also be looking for a cultural match between the client and the prospect.

It may be a cliché that all business is good, but some business is better than others!

Spotting the X-factor:

Rob also looks for trends among the target companies, ‘’What is their direction? Are they giving signs that they would be interested in a certain product?’’

As for stakeholders, have they got what the client wants, whether that is a focus on marketing or experience in digital transformation? Or does it seem plausible? And if they do, are there any details online which would make for a nice icebreaker to inform our new business approach.

Always room for improvement:

A significant part of Rob’s day to day responsibilities will be collecting and collating internal information, recommending improvements and supporting the wider team.

This will then lead to debriefing sessions, focused on analysing and discussing FOUR major questions:  What worked? What didn’t? Why? What can we learn?

Although we treat every client on an individual level, there is a lot to be gained from looking at all our work, formulating trends per sector, per job title and per discipline. This will be fed up the chain of command through regular briefing sessions and the occasional report.  

We are excited to welcome Rob to the team and have already had some fantastic feedback from existing clients on how this new approach brings a refreshing and unique angle to new business. 

Interested in understanding more about our insight led approach? Get in touch.

You can also have a look at our data tool Winmo, here

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Decision makers on the move

Working in new business, we are always keeping a close eye on the latest decision makers on the move. Often, this can be a trigger for agency reviews, with the first 100 days of any new appointment always crucial.

Here is a round up of some of the recent movers and shakers we have identified for you to keep an eye on:

  • FrieslandCampina have a new Managing Director in the UK. Will Jones, who used to be Grocery and Marketing Director, replaces Gavin Blair.  Jones is keen to drastically increase the business size based on the back of their YAZOO brand, and is also looking for growth opportunities in private label products.
  • Avon is still rejigging its leadership team following its purchase by Natura. There were three major promotions in May. Hannah Lally now occupies the role of Head of Brand over Global Marketing. Kyla Lyford is the similarly-titled Head of Brand for Global Marketing. Meanwhile, Emma Malone is the new Director of Fragrance over Global Brand Marketing. 
  • Kantar is seeing more promotions in the wake of the consolidation of its brands under the Adweek umbrella. Nathalie Burdet is the new CMO. She has been with the company for nine months as head of their Insights division. She has been replaced in that role by Ignasi Fernandez. In addition, Gwladys Hall is now Head of UK Media.
  • Zaib Al-Qassab will be joining Channel 4 as its new CMO in September. This move comes after three years at BT as Managing Director, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer.
  • Kate Cox has moved to Moneypenny to become CMO. She was previously VP and CMO at GoDaddy.
  • Kenyatte Nelson has started at N Brown Group. The new Chief Brand Officer joins after three years as Chief Customer Officer at Missguided.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest movers and shakers, then you can stay ahead with our data and insight platform Winmo. Click here to find out more.

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