How are agencies managing to keep calm and carry on?

Over the last few weeks the teams at Upfront and Propeller have spoken to over 100 agencies, brands and partners across the industry to better understand what’s going on and how others are navigating the rapidly changing landscape.

The feedback was both practical and inspiring, so we thought it may be useful to provide a quick round-up to share some of this thinking:

  1. Agencies need to shine brightly and add real value 
    An article looking at why it’s vital for agencies to shine brightly as brands look for alternatives and plan for the future and help to build up your own brand equity with clients and prospects.

  2. The Rule Book has been ripped up – agencies rethink pitching 
    Recently published by our friends at The Drum. This provides an interesting range of perspectives on the agency selection process and includes some useful tips on how to approach remote pitching.

  3. Keep calm and carry on: a guide to the brands upping their game during COVID-19 crisis
    The team at Winmo shed some light on the categories to watch out for and brands that are bucking the trend by increasing their marketing spend.

  4. The media is still open for business
    Guidance from the Propeller team as to how to build the bridge between the stories journalists are looking for and the narratives that help your company in terms of positive business profile.

Over the last few weeks we have been seeing very high engagement with content shared via social and email, as people are online more and looking for guidance to navigate the changing landscape.

In addition to the usual flow of articles, PR coverage and industry reports, we have tapped into the Propeller content team to develop a range of different products and formats to help keep us and our clients top of mind.

Here are some examples of some of the new initiatives we’ve launched over the last few weeks:

Digital meet ups – moving roundtables to Zoom with the launch of Escape Zoom and bringing together heavyweight guests to share views on the future.

Online panel events – including the launch of BD Sessions, where we brought together 75 agency business developers online to share experiences. We will be running this again on the 23rd April, click here if you’d like to join us and your peers for a digital drink and some inspiration.

Podcasts – Propeller’s latest version of Views on the News features Pete Markey (CMO, TSB), Simon Lloyd (CMO, and Zoe Clapp (CMO, Premiership Rugby) who all discuss how brands should communicate through a crisis.

Online interviews – we have switched the format of Propeller’s Brew with a View, to Zoom with a View and recently undertook an interview with Winmo CEO, Dave Currie to find out what content and tools are key to his working day.

It may be difficult for agencies to feel calm right now, but it’s important to carry on producing content to keep top of mind and stay on the radar for future work. And make sure you get creative with your content to add value and really stand out.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact it you would like to find out more, or would like help developing your own content ideas. We’re always happy to jump on a Zoom (or a good old fashioned call) if you’d like to discuss any of this further.

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