Founded in 2015, Takumi is a new platform that connects brands and influencers: making it easy for advertisers to work with Instagram Influencers to create brand engagement campaigns.

Upfront was tasked by Takumi in 2016 to develop a campaign to increase awareness of Takumi across UK market with key marketing and digital decision makers across all Consumer focused sectors.

Using our data and insight tool, Upstream, we were able to build a database of 1,000 top clients and over 2,500 highly relevant decision makers. Using a combination of content, PR, email, events and calling activity we were able to drive engagement and – over a 6 month period – book over 50 appointments for the Takumi team.

Our campaign helped Takumi to accelerate sales efforts and generate a strong pipeline in a matter of weeks. Wins with the likes of Merlin Entertainments and Sony helped to firmly establish the business and set Takumi well on the path to becoming the largest influencer platform.

“We needed to get the Takumi brand out there and generate sales, fast. The team at Upfront really got things moving and helped us to get things off the ground at Takumi. Rapidly increasing our pipeline and they were behind some key client wins.”

Jon Lawford, Head of Sales, Takumi


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