Straight Talking Takeaways: E3 Top 10 Tips for Successful Biz Dev

In the second instalment of our Straight Talking series, Upfront welcomed an array of representatives from a diverse cross-section of agencies to hear two fantastic speakers discuss the importance of a joined-up approach to business development, marketing and communications.

One of the day’s speakers – Miranda Glover from e3, showed us how the process of selling has changed; presenting some wonderful, working examples of ways agencies can develop a robust business development strategy.

Here are Miranda’s top 10 tips for selling your business through a truly immersive programme of live and digital.

1. Show don’t tell

Sell a story not a process. Ensure your marketing collateral embodies your message. It should be user-centred and focus on impact. Turn your case studies into relevant content marketing collateral that focuses on the solution for the client.

2. Inspire innovation

Credential presentations are so last century! Instead, think to offer potential clients a sample of activity that shows you at work and opens their eyes to new ways of thinking and doing. Consider offering focused sessions on digital trends aligned to core client challenges that show don’t tell.

3. Dare to be different

Be clear about your offer and your differentiation in market but also about where it fits into an organisation, culture or process. Don’t be afraid to be niche and noisy – the lead agency rostra doesn’t always support innovation models and big brands can benefit by using independent thinkers and smaller independent agencies.

4. Contextualise culture

Contextualise your offer within the wider business and economic culture of the moment – at e3, we help clients keep pace with consumers to encourage growth because consumer behaviour is changing faster than business culture, meaning it is very easy for companies to fall behind. Highlight the pain point in their industry and offers definable solutions to help them keep pace.

5. Don’t be afraid to be niche

Listen. Become a trusted advisor. Do your homework. Know your stuff. All of these elements helps to garner trust and prepare you to go to meetings and get straight to a real conversation.

6. Utilise your talent

Look inside at the talents you have within your business and exploit them. It’s good for your business culture, good for your employee satisfaction and extends your reach and opportunity. People work with people, so they want to know the expertise within your team.

7. Find your voice

Tone of voice is often hard to define. What should you tone be? Intelligent yet personable, engaging yet consultative, open yet intriguing? When people read your comms they should know that they come from you.

8. Glean genuine insight

We collaborate with brands directly through our thought leadership programme (e.g. live events and online papers) to capture the latest insights and show our expertise through real time trend analysis and problem solving. Then it’s all about delivering great content, capturing insights, sharing knowledge, and being open and generous to gain trust.

9. Make the right kind of influence with the right partners

e3 works hard to keep the right company – both with regard to our clients, our supplier partners and the influencers from inside and outside of our industry. Playing with the right partners not only amplifies but helps to position your brand – and helps you shape a bigger, bolder, better future for your clients.

10. Fame

Make yourself known. With all of the above elements interplaying, you need to ensure you are reaching your audience. As agencies working on behalf of our clients, we need to understand our audiences and we need to speak their language. Here at e3 we work with a fame agency to help us gain share of voice.

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